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Dry Salt Therapy = Halotherapy

What Is Halotherapy?

The term “Halotherapy” comes from “halo”, the Greek word for salt. Halotherapy is the use of dry salt vapor to treat respiratory ailments, skin irritations, and combat mental lethargy all while you relax and simply breathe.  Salt Therapy is 100% natural, drug-free and non-invasive.  At exhālō, we use only the safest and purest salt form (99.99% Pure Sodium Chloride) for halogenerator usage.  This is one of the highest-grade salts you can find on the market, and the cleanest salt to use for both respiratory and skin conditions.  It also ensures the salt particles are small enough to have the maximum halotherapy effect.   We also combine this treatment with the multiple benefits of Speleotherapy with our warmly lit Himalayan salt bricks surrounding the perimeter of our Salt Room, as well as on a feature wall which each loungers faces to ensure the utmost of privacy during your relaxation time.

Salt in its micro-crystalline form has antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral effects on the epithelial cells (one of the body’s most important for protection and secretion). The salt helps your cells consolidate inflammation and mucus, so your body can get rid of it.   Simply breathe while you treat symptoms of asthma, allergies, sinus issues, head colds and more. 

 Reduce stress, anxiety, depression and even skin ailment symptoms of eczema, psoriasis or acne.

Get ready to unwind, meditate or nap, and simply lay back in our reclining loungers for your 45-50 min. session to inhale salt, and exhale wellness. Enjoy our tranquil Tibetan meditation music or download and listen to your own with use of our headsets and free WiFi.  Sessions are available to both Men & Women, and children under 10 are welcome on our "Family Day" Sundays.  


Simply exhale, we've got you...

Benefits of Halotherapy

More than 4 decades of research, conducted around the world, shows that treatments of  Halotherapy have beneficial effects for patients with:

• Asthma

• Sinusitis

• Allergic Rhinopathy or Hay Fever

• Coughs and colds

• Viral infections

• Ear Infections

• Chronic ear-nose-throat illnesses

• Chronic Bronchitis

• COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

• Cystic Fibrosis

• Smoker’s cough

• Inflammation

• High blood pressure

• Various acute or chronic respiratory diseases

Salt is also extremely beneficial to your skin in treating:

• Acne

• Psoriasis

• Neurodermatitis

• Eczema

In addition, salt naturally produces negative ions, which produce the “clarity effect” that people love from Halotherapy treatments. Negative ions have been shown to reduce:

• Depression

• Stress

• Headaches

• Insomnia

• Snoring

• Lethargy

And negative ions can dramatically increase your:

• Energy

• Mental alertness

• Overall sense of well-being

What our clients are saying

My allergies were SO bad - I'm just loving my weekly salt therapy treatments!  I can finally breathe again! 

Jane  - Another happy client who adores our Himalayan Salt Room

Halotherapy Session Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for your needs.  Have a question?  Just ask!

4 Week Unlimited Service


Per Individual User Over 4 Weeks  

Best Package Offer For Optimizing Effects

50 min. Session

Any Available Time, Unlimited Sessions

Unlimited  Sessions

We'll happily recommend  treatment frequency  based on your condition and/or needs!  4 Weeks of Unlimited use starts from the date you purchase

Simply Exhale, We've Got You...

Online Booking Available

Sunday Family Day "Salt Sand Box" 


$5 Per Child 12 years and under, $30 Per Adult

Best for Families

50 min.  Salt Box Session

Sundays 10am-4pm, Beach Toy Use Included

$5 per child ages of 1 through 12 years.

 Babies under 1 year breathe for free! 

All children must be accompanied by a paying Adult. 

Simply Exhale, We've Got You...

Online Booking Available

Adult Session


Per Session

Best for New Clients or Occasional Visits

50min. Session

Any Available Time, 7 Days Weekly

1 Adult Session 

(Student Rate of $20 for those aged 13-19 years of age )

Simply Exhale,  We've Got You...

Online Booking Available

Halotherapy Barrhaven Ottawa

What Is Himalayan Salt?

Our featured Himalayan salt bricks are natural pieces of salt crystal that have been hand excavated from ancient primordial salt rock that has crystallized at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan.   As salt crystal is naturally hygroscopic, it will absorb water molecules from the air, so you may notice our salt bricks or feature walls begin to "cry" if they’ve remained unlit for any period of time. The heat from our light sources keeps these beautiful crystals dry, and in turn releases healthy negative ions into the air at exhalo Spa. 

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Salt has been used throughout the ages to clean energies from homes and people. You can use Salt to clear crystals, clear your body and clear your home. Because salt crystals vibrate at a frequency closer to the earth’s magnetic frequency (known as the shuman resonance frequency) they can also help bring us back in balance. The various healthy living ionizing objects that fill our Spa (like many green plants & Himalayan salt crystals) will literally make you feel better! As you can see, pure Himalayan Salt has multiple benefits for the body.

By combining these unique therapeutic properties with the purest salt form (99.99% Pure Sodium Chloride) for our halogenerator inhalation usage, we can treat multiple ailments in our joyful, healing spa.

Barrhaven Salt Therapy, Ottawa Halotherapy